​​Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete is commonly used as a foundation for homes as well as for commercial and industrial buildings. Concrete slab foundation problems can affect the structural integrity of a building and this can lead to damage that can be very expensive to repair. A damaged foundation will take value from your home and can become a major safety risk. If you have noticed signs that there may be trouble with your foundation such as uneven floors or cracks in the walls, call our team in for a free inspection. We are a leading foundation repair and house leveling company based right here in Rowlett, TX. We work with buildings of all sizes for our residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Concrete Slab Repair for Homeowners

To remain structurally intact and free from damage, your home needs a strong, stable foundation. Over time, exposure to the elements can start to shift soil and damage the concrete leading to foundation cracks as well as other problems. Homes in Texas can be particularly prone to foundation damage because of the high content of clay in the soil which expands and contracts when exposed to changes in moisture. If you have noticed signs that something is not right with the structure of your home, it is important to get an expert in to review the cause of the damage and possible solutions before it continues to get worse.

Industrial Concrete Slab Repair

In warehouses and factories, a solid, concrete floor is the base on top of which all business operations are performed. The impact of moving equipment, heavy objects being dropped and the ongoing stress of the weight of machinery like forklifts take their toll after a time. If not addressed quickly, minor concrete slab repair issues such as a crack can develop into something more complicated and expensive. Ignoring minor damage can lead to major problems for your industrial business. Our experience working to repair industrial concrete slabs allows us to thoroughly investigate the cause of the damage, then determine the most appropriate repair method.

Types Of Repairs

The type of concrete slab foundation repair methods we use depends upon the type of damage and how serious it is. Our experience repairing concrete slabs means when we assess the damage, we know what to look for. Once the type and cause of damage is determined, we select the most effective and efficient repair method. The most common types of concrete slab damage we work on tends to be crack repair and joint reseals though we also commonly provide surface repair and patch repair services. Whatever the damage is to your concrete slab, give us a call and we’ll come and see you for a free foundation inspection and provide you with an estimate of repair costs.

Concrete Slab Repair Process

Depending on the type and cause of damage, we provide a range of repair methods. Our goal is to rectify the damage in the most efficient way possible with a minimal impact on your home-life of business operations. All of our foundation repair methods, materials and equipment are top-quality and expertly selected to meet the specific requirements of the job. Our team takes the time to ensure a smooth finish and all of our work is guaranteed. As well as damage repair, we offer concrete slab maintenance care and pier beam repair to help you avoid problems in the first place.


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