​​Crawlspace/ Pier & Beam Repair

A solid foundation is critical to the ongoing structural integrity of the rest of the building. Crawlspace/pier & beam foundations are a design that elevates and supports the home or structure with wooden beams that sit atop solid piers. There is small, ‘crawlspace’ below the floor which allows access for repairs. When you need inspection and repair of your crawlspace or pier and beam foundation you want to use a company that is reliable and delivers safe and solid results that last. At Rowlett Foundation Repair we the local experts in foundation repair in Rowlett, TX. All of our specialized contractors are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, foundation repair services that still remain affordable.

Common Issues

Crawlspace/Pier & Beam Foundations can start to develop issues and problems which can affect the rest of the structure they support. The lumber used for the beams can deteriorate over time and soil movement due to water or tree roots can affect the supporting piers. The good news is, these problems can generally be fixed with professional help. Give us a call and get one of our foundation repair specialists out for a free inspection. We provide a thorough assessment of your crawlspace and pier & beam foundation and then discuss with you your repair options and pricing.

Crawlspace Foundation Repair

Crawlspace foundations are very common in Texas, particularly in older homes, and over time issues such as decay, pests and mould can develop. Uneven floors and a musty smell or odor can indicate a problem with your crawlspace and it is important you don’t ignore the warning signs. We provide a dependable crawlspace foundation repair service in even the most difficult to access crawlspaces. Our experienced contractors provide repair and maintenance solutions for all crawlspace issues including moisture damage, mould and pest damage. This helps protect your original flooring as well as protect the value of your home.

Pier & Beam Repair

Many factors can lead to pier and beam damage, with water being the most common culprit. There are many factors to ensuring reliable pier and beam repair and our experienced contractors can be relied upon to find the source of the issue, so you don’t have ongoing problems. The tools we use for our pier & beam repair service are of high industry standard and they are regularly maintained and replaced, meaning you always get top-quality workmanship. Let us return stability to the foundation of your home or business with a top-quality, affordable pier & beam foundation repair.

Our Experience

At Rowlett Foundation Repair, we are the foundation repair experts and we have the contractors, tools and expertise to solve any of your crawlspace or pier and beam foundation repair needs. All of our contractors are not only experts in the field of foundation repair, they are also courteous and we keep our customers updated with all work and estimated costs. Our crawlspace and pier and beam improvement and drainage repair services are not only top-quality, they are affordable as well. We offer a free foundation inspections and repair cost estimates so if you have concerns about your crawlspace or pier and beam foundation, don’t worry, reliable help is just a phone call away.


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