​No matter how solid or skilfully built, over time the foundation of any building can start to develop problems such cracks, sagging or settling and this can cause expensive damage to the home or building itself. If you have noticed signs that there may be a problem with your foundation, it can be a very stressful time but help is at hand.
It is important that you get a professional foundation repair company in to assess the cause and fix any problems. Foundation damage can’t be ignored and if it isn’t dealt with the entire structural integrity of a home or building will be put at risk.

About Us

We are a locally established foundation repair and house-leveling company based here in Rowlett, TX. We offer reliable and permanent solutions to a range of foundation problems and settling problems. All of our licensed contractors bring years of experience with them and our company has successfully solved a number of large-scale, complex foundation issues. We work with residential, commercial and industrial foundations and we have the tools and expertise to deal with anything from minor cracks through to difficult and complicated settling issues.
​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
  • Family owned and operated
  • On-Site Supervision
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Discounts are Available for Teachers, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Nurses, Military, and Senior Citizens
  • Free Home Inspection for Homeowners
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  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty on Piers
  • Free Foundation Repair Estimates

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​Cracks in the walls, uneven floors, water leaks and windows that won’t shut properly are all signs your that your home or business premises may have a foundation problem. At Rowlett Foundation Repair we offer top-quality, dependable solutions to all types of foundation issues. We are a leading foundation repair and house-leveling company in Rowlett, TX and our reputation for top-quality workmanship and reliability is unmatched. If you have concerns and are wondering about foundation repair costs, call our team, one of our expert contractors will come out for a free inspection and we offer honest estimates with no hidden surprises.

Concrete Slab Repair

If your home or other property is built on a concrete slab, exposure to elements and the passage of time can mean damage such as cracks start to form. If not dealt with quickly, this can affect the entire building leading to cracked walls and doors that no longer shut just to name a few of the issues. We offer fast and dependable concrete slab inspection and repair as well as maintenance to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Crawl Space/Pier and Beam Repair

Crawlspace and pier and beam foundations can develop a range of issues over time and this can lead to issues such as sagging floors and bowing walls. Crawlspaces can be difficult to access so if you have concerns it is important to get an expert in to have a look. We carry out professional inspection, repair and maintenance of crawlspace and pier & beam foundations helping protect your home or other building.

“Rowlett Foundation Repair was a pleasure to deal with. Courteous and helpful over the phone, they came out to our home asap and for an inspection and estimate. Our foundation was repaired before bigger problems occurred, they cleaned up when they were finished and this was all done at a very competitive prices.”
​- Barbara K.


​Drainage Correction

Poor drainage is a common problem for homes and businesses. It can become expensive as well, as excessive water that pools around a home or other structure can be destructive over time. We use modern and innovative methods to capture and re-direct water and improve drainage. Protect your property with our effective and affordable drainage correction solutions.


Foundation problems don’t just affect homes, commercial and industrial premises are also at risk of issues such as foundation cracks and building settling. Left unrepaired, this damage can start to cause dangers and hazards to customers and employees and lead to very expensive repair bills. Fix the issue and prevent further damage by investing in a professional foundation repair service. We offer our commercial foundation repair service to customers of small and large businesses and we offer reliable and long-lasting solutions.

“We have an older home with a pier and beam style foundation. When our floors started to sag we contacted Rowlett Foundation Repair and they more than met our expectations. Our foundation is now stronger and more stable than ever so we don’t have to worry about more damage and we found them to be very affordable. An excellent all-round service.”
​- Tyler C.



A house that is sinking or settling is prone to many issues that get worse over time and can really de-value a home. Sloping floors, uneven doorways or cracks in walls all point to the fact that there may be settling issues. Utilizing the latest house leveling technology, we can re-align your home’s lowest points and bringing it up to the same elevation as the highest leveling out the floor and your home while protecting its structural integrity.

Free Inspection

Foundation problems are very common and if you have noticed signs such as cracked walls, uneven floors and doors that won’t shut there may be an issue with your foundation causing structural problems. It is a stressful time and one of your first thoughts will be around how much is repairing your foundation going to cost. We offer a free foundation inspection and estimate of repair costs. There is no obligation to you and we will clearly explain the work and cost involved.

“When we noticed cracks forming in our brickwork we immediately thought we had a foundation problem. We did our research and were impressed with the reviews that Rowlett Foundation Repair had. They inspected our home and were able to repair the damage much quicker than we thought. The guys that came around were very pleasant and we were always given honest information about costs. Would 100% recommend!”
​- Cody P.

Our Services

Our team of highly-experienced foundation repair contractors have the knowledge, the expertise and the tools to take care of any foundation repair or house-leveling needs. We have many years experience on all sorts of jobs from a simple foundation crack, right through to complex foundation and structural problems on an industrial site. Whatever your issue is, give our team a call and one of our contractors will be out asap for a free, on on-site inspection and a no-obligation estimate.